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Airdrie’s Ideal Choice for Electric Repairs

Get in touch with Impact Electric (1993) Ltd. in Airdrie for electric repairs. We understand that your electrical needs will often grow along with your business or family. So when you take on a new building project, consult Impact Electric (1993) Ltd. We will take care of your project and all other electrical needs and ensure work safety while providing maximum benefit.

New Building Construction Projects

We can help, as we have done entire wiring and electrical system installations for buildings in industries such as:


Retail buildings and stores

Industrial buildings

Renovation retrofitting projects

Commercial office space



Safety devices

Telephone and data lines

Power surge protectors

Service panels

Ground fault interrupt circuits

We Undertake Electrical Remodelling or Renovation Projects

We can provide crucial work in all remodelling or renovation projects, and home or acreage building addition projects. Most acreage renovations will require electrical wiring to be re-routed to supply power to new areas and ensure you have safe power supply to your existing devices. Some renovations, such as adding a room, will need electrical line relocation to allow you to hook up lighting, electronics and other appliances. People doing their own renovations or additions need to know that this is a job that must be done to code, and that any damage resulting from improperly relocated wiring may not be covered under insurance. So avoid that risk for your property, and contact Impact Electric (1993) Ltd. Our skilled electricians can get the job done efficiently, safely, and at a fair price. Get in touch with us today.

Some of our residential projects include:

Electrical line relocation

Electrical panel upgrades

Electronics wiring

Hot tub wiring

Basement wiring

Basement lighting

Recessed lighting

External lighting


Faulty Electric Systems Can Cause Lot of Damage

Secure your property with our safety devices.

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